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Train situation of Japan
In the case of Tokyo, the means of transportation which we use most is a train. The train in Tokyo carries us to the destination, without running like meshes of a net and encountering traffic congestion. Although driving of people of Tokyo is very safe compared with Philippines, since the road is narrow, traffic congestion tends to take place. Therefore, confusion of the train in Tokyo is considerable. In the case of the time zone of attendance and attending school, people are in the state where it is jam-packed in a train.

Sangen-jaya Station
Wicket of Station

In a ticket gate, a commuter pass, a prepaid card, etc. can be used other than a ticket. Japanese people pass a gate speedily. When the ticket in which you made a mistake is put into an automatic ticket gate, an alert sounds and a gate is closed. If you shut a gate, since you will make the next man trouble, please do not forget to perform charge liquidation with a liquidation machine. Keep in mind that people are irritated especially at the time of a commuter rush.
In order for you to take a train, it is necessary to buy a ticket first. At most stations, we buys a ticket with a vending machine. Since a vending machine is near the ticket gate, please check the charge to the destination and buy a ticket. The destination and the charge are written to the board. Although the notation may be English and Japanese, it is mostly written by Japanese. English guidance will also be given if you say to the station personnel.

Ticket vending machine
Ticket vending machine

[How to get on a train]

Train of Japan When you want to ride on train, please ride in the procedure shown below.
In Japan, people line up in one sequence and wait for a train. If you break this rule, you will be treated as irrational human being. When you take a train, don't omit the former man and don't ride first.
We are careful of using a cellular phone in a train. It is not only thought by people that you are irrational, but you may be involved in a trouble.

I do not know whether you can do entering into a train, at the time of a commuter rush. Good luck to the best.

[Ticket of train]

Ticket It is the ticket of a train. It purchases with a vending machine. In the case of a child, it is possible to take a train at the charge of half the sum.
This ticket is a ticket to the 160 yen section from the Sangenjaya station. This ticket is restricted on the issue day and can be used. Moreover, a ticket becomes invalid when you do a stopover from a train.

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