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How to send a text to the cellular phone of the Philippines
It cannot texting to cellular phone of Philippines from a cellular phone of Japan since Since both sides have adopted a different standard. When you do not have an e-mail address, communication of cellular phones is difficult. Since e-mail is the standards of the Internet, transmission is possible.

The Interface of Chikka
(Japanese Name: Chikka no gamen)

*You can download this software by the website of chikka.

Chikka website is here!
Yet, communication in an e-mail address hasn't permeated the filipino.
supposing you know only a partner's telephone number and can use a computer. Texting is possible. There is convenient software for Windows and Macintosh. If you use this software, a message can be sent to a cellular phone from on a personal computer. (This software is still unstable.) Exchange of a message is also possible at the users which are using this software.

How to send a message puts in a partner's cellular-phone number at first. The window of a message will be displayed, if you put in a telephone number and push O.K.
The 1st transmission puts in a few text, then push the Enter-key. It is check transmission of whether you are accepted in a partner.

If you are accepted in a partner, from the 2nd time, please put in a message and transmit. From next time, since the transmitting partner is registered, you can send a message immediately.

Input partner's phone number

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