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TAXI situation of Japan

Japanese people do not think that a taxi sticks to a life. As for the reason, the charge of a taxi is because it is high. The minimum charge is 660 yen(300 peso).
This will become a charge beyond it, if it exceeds 2km. Japanese people do not need to take a taxi for the safety of the body. Therefore, unless some special reasons can be found, ordinary people do not take a taxi. Japanese people walk, take a bus, or move by train. Japanese people do not think it pain to walk.
Moreover, the taxi fare after 23:00 is calculated at the charge of the increase of 30%.

Japanese TAXI
Japanese TAXI
Japanese Taxi Driver is excellent. They hardly deceive meter. Moreover, if the destination is told, most drivers know the route. A charge can also use a credit card besides cash. The taxi in Japan is superintended severely. When you have a complaint to a taxi, you are possible to tell the number of a car to a taxi company.
Japanese TAXI
Many taxi companies in Japan exist. Each charge setup is the same. a rich man's people or urgent business, a person with it difficult to walk, the drunk man, and the person that was not able to take the last train of the day use a taxi.

[How to ride a taxi]

TAXI When you want to ride on TAXI, please ride in the procedure shown below.
The portion enclosed with with a circle indicates whether the passenger has ridden. When displayed as the "Kuusha (vacant taxi)" in Japanese, you can stop a taxi.
Please raise your hand toward a taxi. A taxi stops at your side and a door opens automatically. Since a driver asks you the destination, please tell a place to go to a driver. You can ask to a driver how much a charge becomes. You may relax, while having taken the taxi.

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