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The subway of Tokyo
In Tokyo, many people also use the subway. A subway is exact to time and is hardly late for it. In Tokyo, the next train comes immediately. It is more convenient to use a subway than a car in many cases.

The mark of Subway

(Japanese Name: Chika-tetsu)

As for the subway, the mark of a left photograph shows it. As for the subway of Tokyo, two companies are managing. They are Eidan Lines in Eidan Subways, and Toei Line of Tokyo. On the target, Eidan Lines occupies 80% comparatively.
Eidan Lines of a charge is cheaper than Toei Line. The price of the starting fare is 160 yen ( about 70 peso). If it is a metropolitan area, the price of the highest is also 290 yen(about 130 peso).
A subway has an announcement in the train. For example, the name of the station stopped at the next, a driver's name, etc. are announced. There are some to which an announcement flows automatically by computer. It is standard service of the train in Japan.

The mark of Subway The home of a subway

[ Subway route figure: TOKYO]

This is the subway route figure in Tokyo. A train is popular as a move means in Japan. If you want to know about a subway in detail, please write in a "Do someone know this?" corner.

Subway route figure in english version

[ Subway route figure: TOKYO Japanese Version]

Subway route figure in english versionI also show the subway route figure of the Japanese version for the Japanese who lives in the Philippines. The subway of Tokyo is convenient now including Eidan Lines and Toei Line.

[ Look here! It tells you many information ]

If it gets down from the stairs to a home and goes, the figure of the station to which the train surely goes is shown.
Since the transfer station and the time required of a train are also indicated, a beginner surely needs to see.
A train comes every 5 minutes. Keep in mind that destinations may differ. An indication in English is given.

Subway route figure in english version

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