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Renewal of your passport at Japan
The term of validity of the passport of the people from the Philippines is for five years. In order to update a passport in Japan, it is necessary to go to an embassy or the consulate in Osaka. Although a receptionist is possible also in other consulates, documents are sent to an embassy. Maybe.

Embassy of the Philippines

Embassy of the Philippines

The embassy does not exhibit the homepage now. I don't know why.
Registration time is 9:30 to 12:00, and 13:30 to 15:30. If time comes, also heartlessly, it closes. When you go to apply, we recommend you to go out of the morning. Although procedure is finished with about 30 minutes per hour, it is crowded in many cases.
A new passport is issued 72 hours after (except for a holiday). An applicant needs to go out.

[ The required thing for issue of a new passport ]

1. Passport application

This paper is distributed in the embassy. One copy is required. If you draft in advance, I think that you can apply smoothly on the day.

2. Affidavit

This paper is distributed in the embassy. One copy is required. If you draft in advance, I think that you can apply smoothly on the day.

3. The copy of a birth certificate
It is what was used when it applied for residents qualification, and is not the thing of NSO issue.
It seems that an alien registration certificate is also possible when there is no copy of a birth certificate and there are not a copy of a marriage bond and it, either. Although this was written to the window, it is unknown whether it is actually OK.

4. Original of the passport used now
Original of a passport with a continuation period

5. The copy of the present passport
Please copy the date, a photograph, a correction matter, and the page of the newest visa.

6. Three Photographs of 4.5Cmx3.5Cm
The photograph taken within six months of the application without an edge.
The clear thing which the feature of the applicant of a non-background understands clearly by the color or black and white.
If it can do in the dress which is not unsightly, the thing of a photograph with a collar and a sleeve is good.
Although glasses are possible, an eye is known clearly.
With a male applicant's photograph, wear is impossible in an earring.
Wear of a veil does not receive a female applicant's photograph other than a muslin rim and a sister.

7. Reply envelope
Please stick the reply stamp of 1000 yen. It is necessary to write your address.
*This can also be bought in an embassy.

8. Charge 16,800 yen ( about 7,560 peso)
A passport application is 12,600 yen.
An affidavit is 4,200 yen.

*Since this charge may be changed, please check personally.

9. others
Those who are employed are the original of the income tax return form of the present Philippines, and copy 1 part.
Or those who are not employed are the affidavits of non-income.
They are the documents of parents' above when you are minors.

Required documents etc. referred to the following URL. http://www.pis.or.jp/marriage/passport/passport.htm

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