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Japanese Post Office
It is introduction of the post office in Japan. Postal services of Japan are very excellent. A rest is not in postal administration of Japan. At the big post office, business is performed also on Sunday. We can use a post office at any time.
It is a place with many opportunities to use, when taking out a letter and EMS to a family.

Post Office
Post office
(Japanese name: Yuubinkyoku)

{What is EMS?}
EMS is international special delivery mail. Each post office sends a parcel to the destination as special-delivery-mail thing treatment under international regulation. However, a charge is higher than the usual mail. For some thing to send and countries, this case has a tax in a receipt side.
When you send a letter, the two method exists in Japan. The method which you go to a post office and send, and another are the methods of sending from a mailbox.

Since, as for the case of Japan, collection of a letter is surely performed on schedule every day, many people use a mailbox. It is the feature of Japan that business is performed certainly. Also about a stamp, since it can purchase by the convenience store or the tobacconist's shop, it can buy everywhere.
Therefore, when you know postage, it is easier and it is early. However, when you send parcels, such as EMS, unless it is a post office, it cannot send.
In the case of the usual letter, postage is 90 yen (about 40 peso).

Mail Box Japanese Mailbox
The color of a Japanese mailbox is red. Along the big road of a big city etc. is installed at about 300M interval.
This mailbox is the type currently installed in the city. In the case of a big city, mail is collected 4 times per day. It is performed by the post office member every day, without resting.


Mailbox The mailbox in a big city has two parts into which mail is put.
Right-hand side is big mail and an object for international mail. Left-hand side is an ordinary letter and an object for postcards.

The time when a post office member collects letters is indicated by the mailbox. If you send a letter during the morning, a letter will reach Philippines three days after.

[ About EMS and Parcel ]
When you send a parcel and EMS, it is necessary to use the paper currently prepared for the post office. Since EMS has EMS number, you can know a delivery situation by the Internet.

EMS for goodsWhen you want to send food and a life article by EMS, please use the paper for goods. In this case, please enter the thing to send in a paper. When sending valuables etc., it is possible to decide the compensatory amount.

To remit money by EMS is made into the bad thing. EMS may be unable to be sent depending on the area of Philippines.

EMS for business papersWhen you want to send documents by EMS, it is necessary to use the paper for documents. When you want to send a book and it uses this.
In this case, you can send EMS at a charge cheaper than goods.

EMS for business papers When you want to usually send an article as a parcel, please use the paper for parcels. It can choose whether it sends by ship or it sends by airmail. Although this is the cheapest method, in Philippines, it will receive by going to a post office.

+EMS Delivery situation (Japanese)

[ The Japanese postman ]

The Japanese mailman A Japanese postman is very industrious. As for them, a rainy day, and the day of a wind and the day of a typhoon and the day of scorching heat send mail to us, without resting. They ride on a red motorbike, are covered with a helmet, and, occasionally come by the bicycle. Although delivery by them is not fundamentally performed to a home on Sunday, they are working also on Sunday.
Mail delivery does not be performed in Japan on the 2nd of a public holiday, Sunday, and the new year. Since Japanese people have the custom of sending a New Year's card in the new year, as for a postman, the new year has work.

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