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Certificate of Alien Registration and Immigration
There is the alien registration system in Japan. All the foreigners that will stay in Japan 90 days or more need to do this alien registration. A card is published after registration finishes. You always must not carry this card. (An alien registration certificate differs from immigration examination.)

Certificate of Alien Registration
Certificate of Alien Registration

An alien registration certificate is delivered in about three weeks.

When change arises by the contents indicated by the residents period and the passport, according to a passport, you also have to change a registration matter.
Those who are not Japanese nationality have neither a family register nor a resident card. Then, the foreigner who lives in Japan needs to do "alien registration" like a Japanese family register or a resident card in contents at the public office of a place of residence. If it says at a word, it will be a foreigner's resident registration.

If alien registration is carried out, when taking a resident card or you will buy a car with some procedure, a certificate of the seal impression is taken, and it becomes possible like Japanese people to join national health insurance etc. After entering Japan, you have to carry out alien registration within 90 days. When the place in which it lives in Japan is decided, it is also possible to apply for alien registration on that day which entered a country.
(When born in Japan, you have to carry out within 60 days.)

An alien registration certificate also has the procedure of updating every five years. As for the alien registration certificate, 30 days are set as a period of procedure from the birthday of an updating year.

[ The required thing for issue of Certificate of Alien Registration ]
It is necessary to carry out alien registration at the public office of a place of residence. An applicant needs to take the necessary procedure personally.

1. An original passport

2. Two photographs (4.5Cm X 3.5Cm)

3. Application
A paper is in a public office etc. Please write down a required matter in the paper. The contents to register are as follows.
*The date of registration
*The date of birth
*Man and woman's exception
*The address in the country where nationality belongs
*Passport number
*The date of passport issue
*The date of a shore leave
*Qualification of the residents
*Residents period
*Place of residence
*Householder name
*Family relationship with a householder
*The name and location of your office

[ When a place of residence is changed ]

If a place of residence changes, you have to take the necessary procedure for place-of-residence change within 14 days after the changed day at the public office of a new place of residence.
What is necessary is to carry out only procedure of transference at the public office of the new address ground.

[ Certificate of the seal impression ]

If you perform alien registration, seal registration can be carried out like Japanese people. If seal registration is carried out, a certificate of the seal impression is acquirable.
A certificate of the seal impression is needed when you buy a car. The seal which can register seal registration is defined.

[ Immigration (JapaneseName: NYUUKAN / Nyuukoku-kanrikyoku) ]

The Immigration Bureau is controlling by Over stay, illegal working, etc. A foreigner's crime in Japan does not sever the back. The people from Iraq, a South Korean, and Chinese people are mainly the mainstream of a foreigner crime of Japan. The Immigration Bureau has regulated a foreigner's entrance into a country. Therefore, it is a very difficult situation that a foreigner enters Japan except sightseeing.

The Immigration Bureau

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