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The processing method of garbage
In the city part of Japan, it has the problem of garbage. It is because processing the garbage which people's emit is accompanied by the serious labor.

Dumping ground place
Dumping ground place
(Japanese Name: Gomi-suteba)

In past Japan, garbage was dumped comparatively freely. People were throwing away with the bag also with combustibles and incombustibles together. However, judgment of garbage is duty now. It means recycling of resources, and curtailment of refuse disposal cost.
People who live in a city cannot process garbage personally. Since it may become trouble of other residents to burn garbage in a city. Therefore, we need to leave refuse disposal to administration.

When you dump garbage, it throws away into the dumping ground in the area. Since the day when you can dump garbage was decided every week, you have to dump garbage on the morning of the day.

When a company dumps garbage, it is necessary to pay money.

[ Garbage bag of Tokyo ]

Garbage bag of Tokyo
Garbage bag of Tokyo
(Japanese Name: Gomi-bukuro)

The bag for dumping garbage was decided in Tokyo. It is necessary to dump all garbage with this bag. This bag can be bought at a supermarket, a convenience store, etc.
If you didn't use this bag, the garbage won't be collected forever.

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