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An electric situation of Japan
In Japan, electricity is coming to all houses. As standard equipment of a house, the house is surely equipped with this. However, power transmission is stopped when the electricity bill is not paid.

A wall socket and plug form

A wall socket and plug form

Considering safety, a home voltage standard of Japan is 100v. All Japanese electric products run by this voltage.
2 holes of a wall socket are foundations. Although 3 holes may be used for personal computers, the thing of a left photograph is usually used in Japan. When using a Japanese electric product in Philippines, it needs to use changing voltage into 100v. Keep in mind that an electric product sends out fire when the worst.

The supply state of electric power of Japan is excellent. The electric current is rarely cut off. Even when a trouble occurred and fails for power, an electric power supply is resumed immediately.

[ About payment of a public utility charge ]

convenience store In Japan, there is two how to pay a public utility charge. One is how to carry out automatic accounts transfer from your bank account at a payday. In another case, you have a bill, and you go to a convenience store, and you pays price. Since the convenience store which is opened in the city for 24 hours in the case of Japan is located from every house in near, it can pay a public utility charge always.
Water service price, an electric price, gas bill money, telephone-charges money, etc. correspond to this.

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