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The public toilet in Japan
The public toilet is installed in the station and the public place in Japan. Everyone can use a public toilet for free. There is a public toilet also at a department store or a convenience store. There is a special cleaning person in charge and the toilet is cleaned up every day.

Sangen-jaya Station
The public toilet

The technology of the toilet in Japan is progressing every day.
The toilet in Japan is form of pouring water, after excretion finishes. Almost all work is automated. When there is a sensor, if people separate from a toilet bowl, water will flow automatically. The place which washes a hand is also located in a toilet and water comes out automatically by the sensor.
The form which uses a toilet, without touching a hand expresses Japanese feeling of purity.

Moreover, various ideas are adopted as the public toilet in order that Japanese people may care about the sound at the time of excretion. Wanting to finish excretion calmly secretly is one of the Japanese features.

[The mark of toilet]

Toilet of Japan In many cases, the public toilet is divided the object for males, and for women. Therefore, the mark which shows a male and a woman is expressed as the entrance of a toilet. There is also a toilet which the person in a wheelchair can use.

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