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Cellular-phone(Keitai) situation of Japan
In the cellular phone, Japan is unique technology and is most proud of the tip. Although a telephone call is natural, the Internet and shopping and Photography are also possible if it is a cellular phone of Japan. However, it demonstrates power only in Japan. The telephone of Japan cannot be used overseas because of a Japanese original standard. It is not a GSM standard. Therefore, a maker like NOKIA is in the state where it cannot advance to a Japanese market.

for NTT docomo by SONY

(for NTT docomo by SONY)

for au by SANYO
(for au by SANYO)

There are three major cellular-phone companies in Japan. The companies are NTT docomo, au by KDDI, and J-phone.
Since J-Phone was purchased by Vodafone which is an overseas company, international correspondence is progressing quickly. In response to it, other companies have begun the standard correspondence to overseas.
It is the feature of Japan that each company is carrying out cellular-phone service by the original standard. Even when the companies which offer service differ, there is no problem in a telephone call. However, various contents of service offered have a difference by the strategy of each company.

in Japan, the electric wave of a cellular phone arrives in all places in the ground or underground. However, by companies which provide, the range changes a little. Although, as for a NTT docomo telephone, an electric wave arrives also in the country, as for it, the place which an electric wave reaches underground is restricted. Therefore, the man with many opportunities to carry out a telephone out of a store which is underground tends to use au. Moreover, since au can use a prepaid card, au telephone is popular among Filipino or a foreigner.
A NTT docomo telephone is popular to Japanese people. Most of telephone is Japanese. By the plan of the maker who is making telephone, a display in English is possible. The product for au or the product for NTT docomo of the telephone which SONY is making is also possible for an English display.

[ How to buy a cellular phone in Japan? ]

In Japan, it is troublesome that a foreigner makes the contract of a cellular phone. In Filipino which is coming by talent etc. to Japan, I think that it is difficult to make the contract. The documents needed are this when you perform a cellular-phone contract.(The case of NTT docomo)

1. An original social position certificate of Japan issue. A copy is unreceivable.
  *Alien-Registration card
  *Your passport(which the Philippines government published)

  #When you have Japanese residents qualification and there is a residents term on the 90 days or more
  #In the case of what your residents qualification shows below, it is receivable with a Alien-Registration card.
   1. Permanent residents,
   2. Such as a spouse of a permanent resident,
   3. A special permanent resident, and a permanent resident,
   4. A Japanese spouse", etc.

2. Contract charge
  *3,000 yen (about 1,350 peso)

3. Price of telephone
  15,000 - 35,000yen (It changes with makers.)

4. A contractor's trust order
You are the case which needs to pay the guarantee money of 30,000 yen where your solvency is suspected, at the time of a contract.

When the above-mentioned conditions can be fulfilled, you can make a contract of a cellular phone in Japan!!

[Prepaid Phone]

Pre-paid card In au which KDDI provides with service, since a prepaid card can be used, it is convenient. Also in this case, your written confirmations are required at the time of a contract. When payment of a fixed amount cannot be performed every month, I think that the cellular phone dealing with a prepaid card is good. A prepaid card can be purchased by au shop etc. also at a convenience store.

[ A famous cellular-phone company of Japan ]

au by KDDI NTT docomo

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