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Bus situation of Japan
A bus is a means of transportation familiar for a Japanese. As a Japanese move means, a bus and a train are foundations. It has especially become so in Tokyo. It is common sense of Japan that a vehicle comes as time. Since it thinks that time is very important for Japanese people, business is not made unless things progress on time.

bus charge box
(Japanese name: Ryoukin bako)

The last bus is generally at about 23:00. It finishes earlier than a train.
In the case of Tokyo, there is a bus stop at intervals of 1km.
When you want to take a bus, please look for a nearby bus stop. A bus needs courage to ride, if it has not got used to the area. However, nothing is feared if the structure of a path is known.

The bus stop in Japan is kind. The time when the system of a bus, a destination, and a bus come is written there. Since it is naturally Japanese, it is not meaningful unless you can understand Japanese.
If you wait as long as 5 minutes in the case of Tokyo, the next bus will come.

VIEW OF BUS STOP View of bus stop
People line up exactly at a bus stop. They will ride in order, if a bus comes. When the bus which does not go to their destination comes, they stand as it is and do not take a bus. Be careful not to be confused by others' destination.

[ How to ride a bus (The case of Tokyo) ]

Bus display
The destination of a bus is displayed on the front of a bus. The display in English is also written here. A left photograph is a bus for Shibuya Station.

In the case of Tokyo, a bus rides from a front entrance. When you get down, please out from the exit of middle outside.

In the case of Tokyo, a fare is prepayment. When taking a bus, you have to pay a fare. The price of the fare of a bus is 200 or 210 yen (about 90 peso). Although it changes with companies which are managing, the charge is displayed on the entrance of a bus. Since a charge changes according to the distance of the destination in the case of a local bus, a charge will be paid when you get off a bus.
The fare box is installed into the bus and you pay a charge there. If you have the card of 1000 yen when there is no coin, the difference will come out of a machine.

[ It checks at a bus stop ]

Bus stop Various information is shown in the bus stop in Japan. Since the bus by which destinations differ is using one bus stop, the route and time are displayed. Moreover, since a different bus stop for every bus company is used, there is the case with the same destination where there are two or more bus stops.
A bus company changes with areas. If the destination is the same, it is OK even if you take which bus.

If you do not understand well, please ask Japanese people. Japanese people will reply to your question, since they are kind. When you ask, please be sure to tell Japanese people your destination.

[ The hell of rush ]

bus on rush A commuting time belt becomes an aspect like hell. The inside of a narrow bus is overflowing with people. Can you bear?

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