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hirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPANhirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPANhirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPAN hirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPANhirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPANhirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPAN hirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPANhirokim house for filipino from TOKYO JAPAN
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Security policy

hirokim house performs all safety measures required for the management maintenance. To the program which attacks hirokim house, or a third person, a defense act is carried out merciless, and also informational collection, public presentation, and sanction are performed.

Aiming at management of a safe and comfortable community, all the traces to which the doubtful act was carried out are considered as record of hirokim house. Moreover, cooperate with a circumference provider, and solution of the situation is aimed at, and also the criminal-investigation request to the authorities etc. is performed.

Request of the search for a man

hirokim house doesn't receive a request of the search for a man fundamentally. This is defined in order to offer the maximum safety to the person.
1. In many cases, even when some persons are missing in Japan, it is hard to consider the case where it doesn't connect to those families.

2. You should consult with the police, when they are involved in the crime.

3. When they have fled, they are carrying out in many cases intentionally (flight by his intention).

4. When they have fled, they are working in many cases as an illegal sojourner. It's possible to carry out allowance and connection to a family. When not connecting, it's based on their intention.

5. An identity check can't perform the client via the Internet by hirokim house. There is the possibility of the request from their promoter or their affiliation office. (They are changed into a dangerous state)

6. There is a danger of abusing information for a third person, by generally exhibiting a missing person's information.

However, it restricts to the following situation and hirokim house has the preparation according to consultation.

1. When a client is a missing person's relative and presents the proof. (The documents (ID proof) which can prove a relation with him, and the photograph which came out together with him)

2. When you can prove that there is no problem in domestic and there is no reason she is missing

3. When the consultation letter of attorney which his parents created can be submitted.
Only when fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions, consultation is received in hirokim house. However hirokim house may not provide a client with information, even when their information is acquired (Priority is given to their intention over a client.).
Please "Contact Us."

About informational offer

In hirokim house, the page which collects various useful information and dangerous information is installed. hirokim house analyzes and investigates those information and reflects it in activity.
Moreover, all information was severely managed by hirokim house, and has adopted the system by which information doesn't leak to a third person.
When you have some information, please report from this page.

About the invitation act within hirokim house

It is prohibition to use the information acquired by the hirokim house website, and to perform a trade act, an invitation act, etc. hirokim house exhibits an offender's information as dangerous information, after taking a required measure to organization - or the individual who performed such acts. Moreover, all dealings with such organizations are not answered eternally.

When you see such acts, please report to hirokim house.

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Dec 10, 2004

Help Pages
Please read this help if you can't understand the policy of hirokim house or the others.

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