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Japanese culture that nobody says

About a husband and a wife

In Japan, a husband and a wife must be the persons most important for each other.Those who pass together are because it is a husband and a wife rightly until it dies. Therefore, when I get married, it's not parents but wife become the most important person.

For example, we think that a wife is pitiful, when I live together with my parents and I give priority to the opinion of parents over a wife. It is not to build my life together other than my wife.

The same is said of the child. A child has a child's life. My child has to become independent in the future. I look after my child until he is 18 years old. Even if Japanese people exceed 22 years old, when it cannot become independent, they feel shame. He gets married after the life became possible with the money which he earned. A child is after that. He is called fool when the condition is not fulfilled.
Each responsibility is thought as important in Japan. Parents are released from responsibility, when a child gets married. After that, a husband builds new life with a wife.
Parents must be dead at the time. When you value not a husband but parents, you will pass solitary life. The husband who was not valued is because a possibility of deserting you is high. When the most important person is mistaken in the case of Japan, the person who mistook takes responsibility.

It is not unconditionedness although parents are those who should respect. Husband and wife will break, unless he is conscious to each other and it values. When parents are prized only by the reason of since it does not break, husband and wife's relation is not materialized.
Japanese people do not pay attention to what not breaking. The relation between parents and a child means it. Therefore, as continuously important existence, the husband and the wife are positioned especially.

When a wife values only the children instead of a husband, the relation with a husband breaks. As for a woman, it is weak to see one's child as another human being. Therefore, there is a tendency which values a child more than a husband. The relation between a husband and a wife is the worst, or a husband will have an affair with other women who value themselves in front of it, when a child gets married.
It is thought that the relation between a husband and a wife must be prized to each other in Japan just because it is originally others.

Sometimes, though we are opposed to the opinion of parents, we consider husband and wife's relation in the first place. When a wife's parents complain to a husband, a wife defends a husband. It is the same thing also for a husband.

The style that a husband lives for a wife, and a wife always lives for a husband is a Japanese family's style.

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