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Japanese culture that nobody says

Relation between parents and a child

The relation between parents and a child is very equal in Japan. It means that it is the existence in which each should be respected as another human being.Compulsion is not carried out although parents advise on a child's future. A child must consider his future in his responsibility. Although parents bring up a child hard, it is performed in order to realize a child's intention. It is parents' responsibility. Parents bring up a child as a family until a child gets married. When a child gets married, a child's thing does not call it a family but recognizes it as the child on blood relationship .there is no child in order to help parents, in Japan.

The style desired in Japan is not helping parents 100%, but is that a child becomes independent wonderfully and lives on his efforts. It is that it is important not to apply worries to parents.
However, when it becomes impossible for their parents to work, and when it has become sick, the eldest son's family takes care of it. A woman becomes a husband's family as a matter of fact, when getting married. Therefore, her parents are not helped by her. we think that a wife must look after a husband's parents.

A child does not help parents with money until it becomes impossible for parents to work. That is because parents' pride may be damaged. Therefore, it is a small sum even when raising money.
In Japan, a husband does his best to work for a family. He thinks that he supports the family until it becomes impossible to work. A child must not damage a father's pride.

Even if parents and the child are separated, there will be no change in respecting to each other. It is accepting each life.

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