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Japanese culture that nobody says

A child's role and positioning

A child has positioning as follows as a concept in Japan. However, there is a case where it is not just like that now, plentifully as the front chapter also described.

Even now, positioning that finally the eldest son takes care of his parents does not change. As for the home in which the eldest son is not present, the eldest daughter receives the role. However, it may not be realized according to the eldest daughter's husband and a relative. About their daughter who has got married, it does not become as parents wish. Since a daughter belongs to a husband's blood relationship when she gets married, all are determined by discretion of their daughter's husband.

In Japan, it is fundamentally supposed except the eldest son that it is not necessary to take care of parents. Therefore, we recognize as a position where the eldest son's bride suffers troubles most. Although the eldest son does not always need to live together with his parents, when his parents become sick, or when it becomes impossible to work, it is necessary to take care of them.

Nothings that are called parents are expected to a daughter in Japan. A daughter can live freely. Of course, she is asked for help of housekeeping etc. as a family's member until it gets married. When she got married, she is altogether released from the restraint received from her parents, and receives restraint of a husband's home. Therefore, it will be altogether dependent on a relation with a husband whether she can live fortunately. When a husband prizes his parents rather than her, she is put on a painful state.

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