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Japanese culture that nobody says

Standard family composition of a city part

Now, in Japan, those who have an old sense of values about the family decreased very much.
A long time ago, since Japan had paternalism, the father was the most absolute person in Japan. The grandfather was the most absolute person when the grandfather was alive. The child surely needed to follow what parents say. All families lived in the house together and had the style that a male worked. In a house, a woman performs housekeeping and never works outside.
When a son got married, the partner needed to desert her parents and brother. The bride have to make needed the consciousness as a husband's family. The husband forsook her, when his bride was not able to do it.

Such things do not exist in present Japan, you know.
Since not all of a father or a mother are necessarily right, A child does not have to need to listen what they said. Even if it is a family, each is recognized by each as separate individuality. The child became possible determining his way of life personally. Living together with their parents simultaneously with it also decreased. If a bride is got, a son comes out of his own house, and constitutes a new family.
Therefore, as for a range called a family at present, it is common to point out the group who lives together. Their parents and brother are not called family. When you get married, your parents do not be called a family but change to the name "my parents." It is the same also to a brother.

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